Identify Opportunity to meet and exceed the evolving technology demand in today’s global marketplace.
“Every challenge is an opportunity and EGI can help you turn that opportunity into success!

custom software solutions

STRATEGY & analysis

Business achievement in today’s competitive marketplace demands a constant alignment appraisal of "corporate objective" and "business process". Our team of experts can provide fresh insight into the relationship between your business plan, practice, and corresponding software infrastructure.

EGI can perform a Software Solutions Analysis incorporating your desired business goals with your current software support. Based on this assessment, a strategic plan is developed to ensure an efficient and effective business solution transition.

Thinking outside the box, we can help you develop a realistic plan to modify, refactor, or even revamp existing systems as well as innovate brand new solutions that parallel your business dream. "Providing unique and critical insight to your business and technology strategy is what sets us apart at EGI."

custom software solutions


One of the most essential parts of any software project is the planning phase. At EGI, we bring more than just technology experience to the design process, we utilize a well-rounded business approach incorporating best practice strategic planning methodology involving the key stakeholders to arrive at the optimal software solution.

Our team brings a unique background that extends beyond traditional IT thought to key business segments including Marketing, Communications, Finance, Operations, and Logistics allowing us to effectively and efficiently understand business needs and goals and translate them seamlessly to technology solutions.

Our design process at EGI can incorporate the following services…
Current State Documentation - an evaluation of the current processes and infrastructure that operates the business
Preferred State Documentation - a compilation of stakeholder vision gained through detailed discovery meetings and creative planning
Process Flow Diagramming - detailed charts of key processes both current and preferred that demonstrate key requirements, action steps, and innovative opportunity.
Logic Flow Diagramming - detailed diagrams of key logic important to system services and functionality
Modeling & Prototyping - visual mockups of screen concepts that demonstrate 'look and feel', user experience, navigation, and messaging.
System Recommendations - evaluation and recommendation of platform technology to best meet business needs
Feasibility Study - proof of concept. Assessment of the practicality of the proposed design.
Cost Estimate - initial estimate of time, resources, and associated cost

We will be in constant contact with you during every phase of Discovery & Design Documentation. You will be able to spot any discrepancies between what you had in mind and our understanding of your needs. Catching a mistake at this phase will allow us to correct it before it is actually implemented as opposed to fixing something that is already in place.

custom software solutions


At EGI CONSULTING, we are dedicated to deliver exceptional results creating a technology foundation that drives the value of your business. Our dedicated team of solution architects, expert UX designers, and software engineers are experts that work with you every step of the process as a dedicated product team to solve your most complex problems.

Our collaborative approach and business experience fosters creative thinking that delivers results. At EGI, we can adapt to your preferred methodology of software development. Whether it be Agile-based scrum methodology, waterfall, or a blend of both, we are flexible to partner with your technology process to meet your software development needs.

At EGI, we can create custom software for any platform. We are experienced with internal source application development, cloud-deployed application architecture, SaaS solutions, integration to mobile apps, and others. Our software consulting services span from User Experience, to service layer abstraction, database design, administrative interfaces, and customer management.

Additionally, all source code developed by EGI Consulting is always accessible to your internal technology team throughout the project. Once the project is complete, ownership is fully transferred to your team.

custom software solutions


At EGI, we understand that the launch of your new software solution is where the "rubber meets the road“. Incorporating key change management principles, we work hard to prepare a seamless launch that is transparent to the end user, transitioned smoothly to your IT department, instills confidence with stakeholders, and generates excitement with staff. We are committed to a healthy software development life cycle (SDLC) and will partner with you each step of the way to ensure success.

EGI can assist in the following implementation steps…

Conversion and Modifications of Interface
Configuration of Systems and Applications
Transition of Legacy Data
Delivery to UAT

Development of a QA Plan
Conducting User Acceptance Testing

Development of Training Plan
Implementation of Training Plan

Development of Software Product Rollout Plan
Execution of Software Product Rollout Plan

Post Rollout Monitoring of System
Analysis of Key Processes and Logic
Post Implementation Audit